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“Without Limits”

An exhibition by the art groups of East Cheshire Eye Society and SUSO:

Two Macclesfield-Based Charities

The collections on display have been created by the respective art groups of two Macclesfield-based charities: the visually impaired artists at East Cheshire Eye Society and adults with learning difficulties belonging to the art group at SUSO (Speaking Up, Speaking Out) .

We are delighted to be able to celebrate what people can achieve when given the right support and inspiration. The artwork will remain on display until 20th September 2019.

100% of proceeds from the sales of artwork will be donated the respective charities.

East Cheshire Eye Society

The Eye Society was established in the 19th century when most was complex and done in poor lighting, inevitably had a detrimental effect of people's eyesight resulting in many losing unemployment and ending up in a Workhouse. As a response to this, the local authority founded the "Society of Home Teaching for the Blind" in 1875 when there were 80 blind people registered in the town.

The original objective was to visit the blind in their homes, or the workhouses attempting to improve their quality of life. As things progressed the Society grew and taught occupational/commercial skills such as knitting, crocheting, basket weaving, rush seating, coal sack making and even piano tuning.

Today the Society recognises that the growing needs of people with sight loss are forever changing as are technical facilities, so it now offers extensive support and advice to its members helping them with new skills and equipment to enable them to become independent and more self-reliant. The Society gives training in IT, the use of mobile phones, iPads, and organises events for its members such as bowling, walks, an audio book club, social groups, and visits to interesting locations. Currently the society is running an “Art in the Countryside” project for people affected by sight loss and at risk of social isolation.

“Patterns of Tactility & Sound” showcases a contemporary collection of paintings, prints and printing blocks made in response to collections at Macclesfield Silk Museum and Paradise Mill by the visually impaired members of the East Cheshire Eye Society and textile artist Francesca Lockett-Richardson. This work is site-responsive, taking inspiration from the museum’s printing block archive and recorded sounds of the textile machinery in Paradise Mill. This body of work highlights the historic link between the silk industry and the East Cheshire Eye Society.

East Cheshire Eye Society does not receive any government support and relies mainly on organised fundraising events, donations, local grants and sales at our Resource Centre. It welcomes people interested in working with them as volunteers, also sponsorship, partnership from local industry and companies in the area is very welcome.

SUSO (Speaking Up Speaking Out)

SUSO (Speaking Up Speaking Out) is an organisation in Macclesfield run with and for adults with learning disabilities and/or additional needs, to help them live the lives they want to. Our strap line is ‘No More Barriers’, and an important part of the work our organisation does is to raise awareness within our community about the barriers faced by our dropper-inners and the need for those barriers to be removed.

For this exhibition our ‘dropper-inners’ shared with us their greatest dreams and ambitions, for which they have created visual representations using a variety of painting and artistic techniques. In many, the barriers although not stated, become implicit.

We hope you enjoy our exhibition and that it gives a better understanding of the thoughts, feelings, dreams and aspirations of people with learning disabilities. We hope it helps people to see the person beyond the barriers.

Please note:
The exhibition is open to the public Monday – Friday, 9.30am to 4.30pm, excluding Bank Holidays. There are exhibits both in the main reception area and in the adjoining consulting rooms. As this is a working office for both Jobling Gowler Solicitors and the clients of Park Lane Consulting Rooms, there will be occasions when unfortunately you are unable to access all the rooms where exhibits are displayed. Please therefore only enter rooms where the doors are open. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Simon Gowler
Senior Partner