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Mark Sheeky

Jobling Gowler Art Competition 2013

In 2013 Jobling Gowler chose for its third Art Competition "Labyrinth" as the inspiring theme on which artists across all media have based their creative entries.


Winner of the Jobling Gowler Art Competition 2013 - Prize £500

Mark Sheeky for his Painting entitled 'Ariadne Unlocking the Minotaur for Theseus'

Category Winners

Best Textile Exhibit - Prize £200

Jen Holmes for her textile exhibit entitled 'Onwards and Upwards'

Best 2D Exhibit - Prize £200

Estella Scholes for her Monoprint on Paper entitled 'Convoluted No.5'

Best 3D Exhibit - Prize £200

Di Harding for her 3D Glass exhibit entitled 'Confusion'

People's Choice - Prize £100

Colleen Parker for her 2D Exhibit 'The Honey Bee Hive'

In 2013 in addition to the usual category prizes, we also offered an additional prize for The People’s Choice where visitors to the exhibition were invited to vote for their favourite exhibit, this has proved particularly successful and has encouraged much discussion!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported the competition. Particular thanks must go to our panel of judges, Julie Hamer, Diana Jackson, Margaret Waring and Bobbski Mather for sharing their wisdom and expertise.